Friday, February 20, 2009

The Pawnee tribe covers YMCA

At the most recent YMCA Indian Princess Winter Camp up in the mountains, the girls presented a short skit, a cover of the Village People's hit song with our tribe name dubbed over the original letters:

You may recognize the familiar arm of the choreographer in the front cuing these talented tribe members.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Obama, Yes We Slam

Little man has got a very large frame on his wall. In it, smiles the President-elect, Barack Obama, on the day after he won the election, beaming beneath the towering victory headline in the Chicago Daily Herald. It was a gift from his Uncle, and it holds a prominent place on the bedroom wall.

Of course, we realize the importance of giving strong role models to our favorite boy -- role models beyond mom, dad, and his cool family members. Someone who looks, well, like him (though the little guy is the cutest thing around, so it's hard to find someone).

Anyway, since he can recognize images of Martin Luther King already, we thought we were headed in the right direction.

So now, when you ask him, "Who's on your wall?" he answers, "Barack Obama."

And when you say, "And what is he?" he says, "He's a soccer player."

And little guy still mixed up soccer and basketball, so you can see just how well our plan is working.